You are splitting hairs in an attempt to be RIGHT. There is no RIGHT here. There is only the Republic. I am saying that I don’t think impeachment fixes anything and though I am not opposed to the inquiry I do not expect anything to come of it. It certainly will not restore the republic. Scooter Libby disabused me of such notions.

Probably the smart thing to do, and Pelosi pretty wily, the smart thing to do will be to draw this INQUIRY out and only recommend to the Senate in the Summer of 2020 or whenever the GOP seems most vulnerable.

Back to your claims that I am making false statements. This excerpted from your excerpt of the Constitution “and conviction of” implies a legal trial. The trial will be in the Senate, of course, but a trial nonetheless AND a conviction. This represents legal clues to what is expected and implies what the bar is.

I submit it is a political process and the president could be impeached for a parking ticket if the Senate claims this is a high crime. The question would be whether this is responsible governance and adherence to their oath of office, but technically NOT unconstitutional. You’re right

Next you wrote


Congressman Devon Nunes’ line of questioning appeared to reveal the transcript of the phone call was obtained through the dragnet surveillance program that collects ALL communications in this country.”

Note the word ALL.


Note the word appeared which would indicate that I meant Nunes was referencing a program that may be far more extensive than we the American people know about. After all Wyden and others are SWORN to secrecy on so much of this stuff never mind their oaths to uphold the Constitution. In any case, I should not have used the word ALL. You’re right.

Frankly, all I care about is the republic. If this thread brings attention to things that are preventing the restoration of the republic, like mass surveillance and electronic voting fraud, then this thread has served its purpose . I thank you for providing the platform from which I could explicate these things.

Did Brutus restore the Republic? Did the take down of Julius Caesar restore the Roman Republic? Will the take down of #45 restore the American Republic? I submit my opinion, which is NO!

Et Tu Chris?

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