Wow! I have never done that. The digital world makes packratting your writing so easy and I have taken bits and pieces and used them elsewhere. Deleting my writing would be like dumping out the coffee can of nuts bolts and screws I keep in garage. You never know when you will need those fasteners. I feel great joy when I scavenge up bits and pieces to jury rig a gate latch in my yard or put a rack on my bicycle. I have not given my “writing mind” such a digital enema. Perhaps it would be helpful and cleansing…😃. However, I am so ancient I do have long hand writing in cursive that has been lost. I regret even those, because every paragraph seems like it could be the building block of something great even if it is not so great where I created it. Dunno. Obviously a hoarder…Word Hoarder…that’s me!

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