When I talk to Americans, there still seems to be a real gap in historical knowledge about how we got here. Through conversation I have found I can either get people to consider how we got here or I can listen to their fear and loathing of the poor or of Muslims or of “colored” people et al.

That is really what is boils down to as I have debated divided Americans endlessly. The Home of the Brave has become the Hovel of the Fearful in a lot of ways. I have found that many, very many are quite agreeable to something like “libertarian-socialism” when it is explained “personally” OR they are filled with fear and no amount of reason can reach them. On that front sometimes I can reach them by shaming them out of their fear or pointing out that the fear is causing us to spend enormous amounts on the military which will bankrupt the country….ergo making them less safe. That is why I wrote a book trying to encourage people to Quit the Left/Right War. A book that I stripped down to only what I thought MOST Americans could accept.

This book, Libertarian-Socialism:American Style , seeks to define the common ground that most Americans share, but do not realize because they are blinded by the Left/Right War.

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