What will drive it will be a nasty financial crisis like what happened in Cyprus. Crypto will persist because the rich want it to. They want a backdoor to escape the apocalypse they have had a hand in creating. As the central banks try to lock things down, the backdoors will be hidden more ingeniously, but they will persist. If central banks and nation states are successful in pulling away all anonymity, then crypto will die. I feel it only exists to serve the rich in their desire for extra national money movement, if it no longer serves that purpose it will die. However, it seems that there still remains enough anonymity to keep things going as an exit strategy when the global financial house of cards collapses. At that point valuations will soar again, BUT can ordinary people leverage this to their own end? much harder to do,but savvy day traders most likely to profit here. In any case, HODL doesn’t seem quite as easy or wise any more.

Look Sancho there is a windmill over there!

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