Well recent incidents where police have occupied homes to stakeout “suspects” would seem to put the position that the 3rd Amendment is still being in effect, in question. Especially given the militarization of our civilian police forces. My own state’s Highway Patrol refers to itself as a “paramilitary” organization.

Also, there would definitely seem to have been less “mass shootings” in the 1990s than now. Of course, cause and effect would be central to the debate about what it means. However, I am not advocating the assault weapons ban as being all that effective, but it is a step in the right direction, I would think and not that big of a step really.

Finally, “gun control” is not at the top of my list of things to worry about, because as long as elections are being gamed and there is no way to truly audit the elections so that there is some transparency, then the “representative republic” does NOT EXIST.

My country, my representative republic, is being taken from me and not by guns but by money and technology AND CITIZEN APATHY. This is at the top of MY list of things to push back on.

Nonetheless, I recognize that you have done a good job of pointing out that “preppers” really aren’t all that crazy when one looks at the actual state of affairs in the nation. This first quarter we just borrowed HALF A TRILLION dollars to pay for “TAX REFORM” for rich people and corporations while continuing military adventures across the globe. If the world no longer sees us as a responsibly run country, they will stop buying bonds and then….

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