We exist in a time where getting accurate data is very very difficult. I presume from this essay that you live in Georgia. I have spent some time in Georgia and know a little about it. Most of Georgia which is not Atlanta, is rural with low population densities….from my recollection. I do understand how each state might have different answers based upon demographics AND economics. Anyone who says economics is not a factor is a fool. Of course, the current economic situation bring its own set of risks.

In the interest of keeping open channels of information between two very different states, I present this perspective from a Californian six weeks ago.

None of us KNOW what is really going on here. I watch quite a few news services from other nations, because anything originating in the US is tainted. The novel coronavirus has been a topic on these shows since the last weeks of 2019. I kept wondering when it would make the news here. With so much we do not know, if a citizen from Georgia gives some honest updates as to conditions “on the ground” it is helpful for a Californian to hear. I have family in South Carolina and Illinois and each give different perspectives.

It seems like chaos right now because we do not have testing. Testing would be nice, but to shut down the economy to wait for it. Not sure we can do that, so how to proceed with so many unknowns? stay tuned. I think there is a possibility there are different “versions” of COVID-19 and each “strain” may carry a slightly different set of ways to kill you…only time and testing will tell

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