um…I refuse to see “military personnel” as the experts on war. In fact when I refer to “Americans” in this essay I am mostly referring to American military personnel and their hangers on, frankly, because they promote this mythology around the military. EVERYONE ends up fighting when it shows up on your streets. EVERYONE should understand war. How many ways does it have to be said and demonstrated “War is HELL”?

“Oh you are a civilian how can you know anything about war?” comes the retort.

”How do I know?” and then I launch into some of the details I “grokked” hanging out with these guys.

My father served in the US Navy for 27 years and dodged some bullets in the Mekong Delta. That helps have insight I guess. However, my insights into war are mostly the unspoken words in my grandfather’s eyes from WWII.

The “military personnel” are always fighting the last war. The “military personnel” built the Maginot Line which made sure France fell in days to the German war machine. I seem to recall that after the “War to End All Wars”, also known as “The Great War” that Europe was committed to “Never Again”, but then it happened again.

The Great War had to be renamed to The Great Stupid Insanity Of Total Global War — Part One, because we went and did it again a mere twenty years later in 1939 so we decided to call that one The Great Stupid Insanity Of Total Global War — Part Two. The world loves sequels, so…

They blamed the second one on Hitler and they will find a scapegoat for the next sequel so the “rest of us” don;t have to take the blame for acting like @$$holes AGAIN!

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