Trump Will Take Down the Stars and Bars To Secure Conservatism’s Final Victory

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A Google search still yields images of the flag of the Confederacy but not Unsplash

There is a new world order in American politics. Liberals are in a panic. Conservative ascendancy is at hand. The Confederate flag represents a weakness our president cannot ignore. He is playing 4-D chess while the Democrats are just figuring out checkers.

Democrats are wondering how they can ever gain the upper hand. The Democrats have finally figured out how conservatives used the courts to shift America right. Liberals are planning to play the kind of hardball that conservatives have been doing since the Reagan years.

The Drug War accelerated the growth of conservative power as so many long-haired dope smokers were rightfully imprisoned. With mandatory felony sentencing guidelines pushed through conservatives made sure liberal long hairs who opposed the conservative agenda were put away for extended periods. This is how political power is seized in America. Conservatives shifted America right. Conservatives used the Drug War to change the electorate.

Marijuana smokers tended to be liberal voters, but once convicted of a felony they could no longer vote at all. The heavy penalties of the Drug War allowed the imprisonment of liberals in large numbers. The War on Drugs in the 1980s artificially shifted the voting inclinations of the remaining electorate to the right.

Democrats hope to tweak the noses of conservatives and lead them to their own destruction. In the same way that Republicans attacked the Democrat constituency through the War on Drugs, a similar plan is being hatched by liberals. An unnamed speaker at a recent Antifa gathering made the following speech:

There is an opening for large political gains with a hyper-patriotic push for a flag desecration amendment. We can boost our electoral power by putting forward an amendment on flag desecration. In the meantime, while the amendment makes its way through the state houses, we must push through a federal law defining violations of the Flag Code as felonies, as flag desecration. Republicans will be enthusiastic for this as well. This along with a Flag Desecration amendment and we will have set a trap to limit opposition to the liberal agenda.

Stars-and-Stripes swag is de rigueur for today’s right-wing conservative. On everything from ties, hats, and even bug deflectors, right-wingers feel naked unless they can wrap themselves in the flag. Conservatives will not see the potential for problems, when we begin prosecuting flag desecration, conservatives will enthusiastically join in. Few conservatives will remember persecuting hippies for displaying the flag everywhere during the sixties. An American flag patch on the bottom of one’s ratty jeans or a stylized flag on one’s motorcycle helmet or other such protest displays could get one beat up, back in the day anyway.

Nowadays, it is the conservatives displaying the flag in all these forms, not the pinko longhairs. The term “desecration” does have some ambiguity to it and this can be used to our advantage. In an effort to narrowly define desecration, we must inject specifics of the Flag Code into the law to remove ambiguity. Failure to adhere to the Flag Code will be, by definition, desecration. To remove ambiguity, we should force in language more exactly defining the current flag code as well. We must get clarifications inserted in the flag code to leverage the amendment for its maximum political impact.

We will define exactly the criteria for making a flag unserviceable and, therefore making continued use, ‘desecration’. In this digital imaging age, it will be quite easy to distribute small cards with the approved shades of red, white, and blue. That way, it will be obvious to see when a flag needs to be retired by simply comparing the colors on a faded flag to the government approved ‘These Colors Don’t Run’ flag desecration color match card which we distribute at Trump rallies!

The flag code could also be enhanced to state exactly how many foot-candles of light must be falling on an American flag that is displayed at night. In addition, the definition of rain should include exactly how many drops per square inch defines as rain along with similar benchmarks for other types of precipitation. All-weather flags will be specifically defined to narrow the ability of displayers to claim their flag is all-weather. Any weather that could potentially damage the flag will be enumerated, but the verbiage from the flag code is still vague and THAT allows for flexible enforcement.

A flag desecration amendment presents a tremendous opportunity to remove the pseudo-patriots who will stand in the way of our movement. The pseudo-patriots who fly the American flag 24/7 in front of their houses and on their automobiles will be incarcerated. The aforementioned verbiage clarifications will set the trap. These hyper-nationalist persons are almost exclusively of the political stripe that will oppose our agenda vehemently. This legislative action will help reduce their numbers. We know that the hyper-nationalists regularly violate the flag code, based upon the fact that their hyper-nationalism compels them to fly the flag non-stop.

There is one more layer to set the trap for the enemies of liberalism. This layer will be harder to get into the law books, but a few well-chosen cases escalated to sympathetic judges should set sufficient precedents. The widespread display of the Confederate flag by reactionary southerners needs to be a particular target for this flag desecration amendment. Everyone knows, of course, that the Confederate flag was the banner of secession and treason, as the Union saw it. But most people don’t know that the Confederate flag design itself was a physical desecration of the Stars and Stripes. It was a deliberate taking of the physical elements of the Union flag to rearrange them in a parody. It was meant to anger the Union and symbolically split the flag as the South wanted to split the union.

The liberal line will be simple and direct. The ability to remove the flag desecrators from the streets of America will make things safer in America. After all, flag desecration is a serious offense and sets a very poor example for our youth. The flag code clearly states that the flag should be brought in after sunset unless a spotlight is shined directly upon it. A porch light 50 feet away in a doorway would not qualify. The flag code also clearly states the flag should be brought in during inclement weather. Also, with exact digital color definitions for the official colors of the American flag, those flags that are faded and ready for retirement by burning will be readily identifiable.

All displays of this treasonous banner would have to cease, but this outcome cannot be part of the initial activism to get the flag desecration laws passed. Instead, this would be an outcome that we will keep to themselves while pursuing the parallel course to set precedents. Eventually, continued displays of the banner will eventually be viewed as more than just desecration, but actual treasonous incitement of the masses allowing for easy prosecution. With many intolerant jingoistic southerners cooling their heels in Gitmo detention for flag desecration and potentially high treason, we should have no trouble taking the South in the Electoral College in just a decade or two.

Think of the growth of our power, as more and more pseudo-patriotic extremists are rightfully imprisoned for their desecration transgressions. We might even be able to get large mandatory sentencing guidelines pushed through, along with the amendment to prevent activist judges that oppose the our agenda from trying to let their compatriots off with a wrist slap. This is how political power is seized in America. The Republicans have broken the necessary ground, demonstrating the efficacy of this methodology.

The Drug War enabled the police to become shock troops on the street for the right. Patriotism will allow us to force through heavy penalties for flag desecration. These heavy penalties will allow us to imprison conservatives in large numbers the same way that liberals were imprisoned in large numbers by the War on Drugs in the 1980s artificially shaping the voting inclinations of the remaining electorate to the right. This amendment will be to conservatives as chum is to sharks. They will be unable to engage higher faculties and avoid taking the bait

This is why Trump will hasten the removal of Confederate flags across the nation. He will pretend to oppose it. He will say, “An American citizen has the right to express themselves.” He will not stop the removal of the banner though. It is the Achilles Heel of the conservative movement.

Trump must protect his supporters. Trump understands clearly the motivation of the proposal for a flag desecration amendment. Trump clearly understands the advantages that liberals and Democrats would gain through the ratification and enforcement of a new flag desecration amendment to the Constitution.

Conservatives should thank their lucky stars their leader is wise. Conservatives are so close to a final ultimate ascendancy for the RIGHT in America. If Trump did not understand how the amendment could be leveraged to create an electoral juggernaut by putting so many conservatives in jail for their “alleged” flag desecration, conservatives would be in real trouble. Instead the President continues to play 4D chess while the Democrats play hopscotch or jacks or checkers…or something.

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Photo by Valentino Funghi on Unsplash

Extracted from a now deleted QAnon post titled: ”Trump Is Right To Take Down the Confederate Flag”

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