There is real truth to what you write here. If you put out great content and promote it, you will get attention. You will get inquiries from people who like what you wrote. I have been contacted a few times now and I am struggling. response so far has been->

I write what I WANT to write. I am not really for hire. I just write stuff because I want to write it and I believe it, so I am going to pass.

Obviously not the purest capitalist response. We live in a ruthless and predatory capitalist society where many many of those 80,000 ultra-wealthy individuals got that way through inherited wealth. Their great interesting lives are driven by the money they inherited. I find it difficult to push rich people's narratives.

I am really really struggling with it. I feel I am acting the fool. Why am I such a purist who won't write something I do not want to write for any amount of money? If I want to write it, I will. If I don't, NO AMOUNT of money has gotten me to do anything but write code. Sure I am here and I monetize what I want to write, but write for another POV for money. I am unable to do it. It is art for me. I do not want to prostitute it.

Jeez, I am pretentious. Just ignore me. Stroke their fragile egos. Take their freakin' money and do something good with it.

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