The One Question NEVER Answered About Obama’s Birth Certificate!

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The 44th President of the United States of America

It has been over a decade of controversy. Was Obama an illegitimate president? Was he actually born in Kenya? Was Barrack Hussein Obama actually a Muslim pretender to the Oval Office? These were the questions we were peppered with for the man’s entire presidency. Then #45 resurrected it again as he ran for office.

There was so much smoke around this issue, I finally had to go do some research. There had to be something to it with this much hyperventilating. However, after digging around into several ambiguities, like the the fact the original is actually lost, I was still baffled. Apparently there was a fire and many documents were lost but there is microfiche or a digital copy of some kind so I was scratching my head.

After doing some real digging, I was left with one BIG Question. A BIG Question NOBODY asked on the right or the left. I still do not understand why this question was never asked. My big questions is -> WHY DOES THIS MATTER?! It simply does not matter in any way EXCEPT to call out Obama as an “other”. It feels a bit racist for this issue to even have had this long of life.

Any doubts of this should be evaporated by a consideration of the Obama McCain contest for president. When Obama ran against John McCain there was reporting about McCain’s citizenship being based on a birth OUTSIDE the United States. John McCain had been born in the Canal Zone so it was kind of an interesting factoid. In 2016, Presidential Ted Cruz was also revealed to have been born OUTSIDE the United States but journalists assured us this was NOOOO problem because his mother was an American citizen.

You see if your mom is an American citizen, you are immediately an American upon birth. It does not matter where that birth occurred. If your mother is an American citizen YOU ARE AN AMERICAN! It has been this way since the beginning. You could be born at the North Pole or at sea or on Mars and if your mother is an American then you are an American. It is so very simple we were told in 2016. Ted Cruz was an American even though he was born in Canada. Ted could run for president, eh.

However, what was not explained was how there could be so much hyperventilating about Obama’s birth certificate when his mother was an American. Without a doubt, Obama’s mother was an American. There was never any doubt of this fact. Ergo his birth location NEVER mattered.

Do you UNDERSTAND???????? As stated earlier concerning Ted Cruz’s citizenship — You could be born at the North Pole or at sea or on Mars and if your mother is an American then you are an American. Theoretically, one could also be born in Indonesia or Kenya as well and be indisputably American! How could Obama’s birth certificate reading Hawaii or not reading Hawaii have mattered given this indisputable fact? You will have to ask the so-called journalists of America who should have been trumpeting this from the highest mountaintop.

The column inches, the audio minutes and the television time given to Obama’s birth certificate for eight years demonstrate the emptiness of journalism in America. Journalism in America is all about serving some other masters than the truth or the interests of the citizenry. It clearly is not about surfacing the truth.

I am still deeply troubled by everyone‘s silence on this issue. Why does Obama’s birth certificate matter? It makes no sense to me other than to create a distraction and to create doubts about the legitimacy of a black man’s presidency. I wish I had written this earlier. I just expected someone else to finally come forward but it never happened. I am baffled. I invite comments on why this document mattered so much.

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