The Great Depression. Quiet actions behind the scenes and many many people working hard to help people because they cared. The people could not protest anyway. They were starving. There were not protests about banks and rich fu©|<$ but somehow something got done. I would LOVE for someone to take to task these sports with Black Lives Matter plastered all over their jerseys and fields. What does it mean? Defund the police? Do they support that? End the Drug War? Do they support that? End qualified immunity for the police? Do they support that? What exactly do they “ support” by “branding” themselves with BLM? Or do you believe simply “branding” is going to help? I think it is just the beginning of another political activist movement to be absorbed powerless into the oligarchy where they now have a vested interest in its continuity. Another nascent political career is all I am seeing. Sorry. I want change but I know it’s difficult and I know protest ineffective. I have watched it fail over and over again

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