The fact is that the Bill of Rights neither supports nor precludes the United States from instituting policies of a “socialist” flavor. I have been a card-carrying libertarian for most of my life until I embraced this “hybrid” I write about now. Libertarians often spout a lot of stuff about the Bill of Rights, so any writing about it would sound libertarian, I guess. Trial by jury and support of a trial by peers could be construed as socialism. Also, my 2nd amendment verbiage would get me in trouble with most libertarians. Frankly it feels a lot like the Bill of Rights has largely been repealed…in practice anyway. I think this essay was mostly in response to being repeatedly hammered for embracing the idea of socialism by libertarians. I guess I was trying to shore up by small L libertarian credentials. I especially got hammered when I posted this essay on Facebook -> Socialism is What Lies Between the Extremes of Capitalism and Communism

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