“Fruit of a poisoned tree”

That says it all, but if you read the response thread you will read some answers to your questions. Essentially, the surveillance state has broken everything.

Mike Pence has been inoculated and seems a bit more dangerous to me. I think this is why #45’s evangelical support is starting to show cracks. They LOVE Mike Pence. He is the real one who“will work toward the Rapture”…in their minds anyway.

That essay was actually written just as an intro to a podcast and I have followed up that podcast with another …just opinion of course. In the 21st century, facts are hard to come by.

Finally, this is a political process and the president’s removal from office is a political decision. The whole project is a fool’s errands and he should simply be censured and condemned for his actions in no uncertain way, but then move on. Hell, NO PRESIDENT HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY IMPEACHED, if “success” is defined as removal from office.

What a waste of energy! Paper ballots are the only way to POSSIBLY restore the Republic.

I am earnest if nothing else. I believe in the Republic and dream of its restoration http://libertarian-socialism.org

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