That is why Huawei's revenue up nearly 20%. That is why #45 didn’t implement the October 15th tariffs. All this is doing is making double-dog sure that the Chinese ascendancy comes sooner as they are FORCED to become more independent. However, we have already given away most of our technology which is why we are trying to hold down the Chinese. We are trying to get people not to buy Huawei products for National Security reasons. A ludicrous premise especially when it is well-documented WHO is putting backdoors into hardware. LOL. It is all about protecting America’s lost lead in tech, but it is too late. Straight out, transparent competition on some kind of level playing field is all we have now, but we are not used to playing fair. We are used to tipping things in our favor. That is the purpose of the trade war and why the Chinese have refused to commit to anything. We are requiring them to lay down and not promote their own tech, but they understand that they are ALMOST there.

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