Thank you for putting this out there and warning people off of this drug, which I actually considered at one time. I avoided taking drugs for my receding hairline, but eventually did dabble with Paxil for my “depression”. I did not feel depressed any more, but I felt something I could not put a name on, which you have now given a name: “ anhedonia”.

I just decided I was taking the good with the bad and I dropped Paxil. I am now my crazy bipolar self that fits so many mental illness diagnosis I hesitate to even list them, like OCD, Bipolar Disorder, depression, and Borderline Personality Syndrome…but I prefer a “flawed” me to a chemically enhanced version, especially when we are talking about recently created molecules. In any case, I will think good thoughts for you and hope that someday and some way normalcy will find you and your true self again.