SO this already happened allegedly. We all know that JFK LOVED women. It was a fairly easy path to him through a young beautiful woman willing to also slip a little acid into his whiskey. Once JFK had the trip, his worldview changed significantly. War became a very very very evil thing which one should only enter into due to a clear self-defense need. The Bay of Pigs did not reach this bar. He refused to support a rogue CIA operation which INVADED Cuba. The CIA had goaded its invaders into believing once they were onshore, the American president would not allow them to be killed and captured but would provide air support. Kennedy refused. The evils of war and killing are deep and energizing to some. Perhaps those that worked in the CIA and those that worked in the Miami underground needed to get revenge in Dallas. I will not go on, the continuing antagonism to Cuba is an indication there may be a whiff of truth here. The fact that GHWB was working for the CIA on an oil platform outside of the Bay of Pigs. The fact that GHWB climbed to be the head of CIA, but then he was summarily booted by Carter. Did this then led directly to a bullet for Reagan? We cannot really know. National Security, NSA, CIA DHS …Yada Yada

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