So….here we are eighty years later. Certainly some of the policies suggested were implemented in the sixties and seventies. No? Is that your contention that a study from four generations ago and at least two “appellations” later is germane today? Too bad most Swedes would be too afraid nowadays to travel in the South. Those watching the Top Gear episode where Clarkson, May and Hammond flee a gas station pursued by gun-toting rednecks in pick up trucks realized it was not staged. The whole world saw that happen about fifteen years ago. The whole world sees the jack-booted thugs on the streets of DC today. Most foreign powers advise their citizens to not even carry cash in America, NOT because of the criminals, but because the police “confiscate” cash as evidence of possible drug dealing etc and you never see the money again. Nope we are on our own in the 21st century. We are going to have to figure it out for ourselves. The rest of the world is preparing for a collapse and conflict like the Soviet Union. They hold their breath. The money is on the wheel now. What will we do besides shouting and shooting at each other?

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