Signs This Is China’s Century

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Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash

Recently, it came to my attention that a new programming language was hitting the technology world. This is the world’s first programming language based on classical Chinese. Already volunteers have written dozens of programs with it, such as one based on an ancient Chinese fortune-telling algorithm. The new language’s developer, Lingdong Huang, graduated with a degree in computer science and art from Carnegie Mellon University in December. The language is called, wenyan-lang, and it marks an enormous sea change in the technology world.

Just as being the world’s reserve currency has helped the American dollar, the fact that most computer languages are derived from English, means coding from all over the world can find its way into America and be leveraged. There is a real cross-pollination which helps American technology more than they would like to admit. In fact, I feel American technology is now looking to the US government to slow China’s technology surge.

The desire to hold China down would seem to be one of the most obvious reasons for the trade war. The attacks on Huawei seem more politically motivated than intelligence motivated. Huawei has been under attack by the US government for years now, but last year the company went from 3rd to 2nd among smartphone makers. Additionally, American allies appear to think Chinese 5G might be better and even more secure than the equipment coming from the United States.

When I hear claims that American Greatness is being reclaimed, I recall that when I was born the largest dam, the longest bridge and the tallest building all resided within the borders of my country the United States of America. That situation is no more and we do not appear to be moving ahead on any of these fronts.

The largest dam is in China, the Three Gorges Dam. The longest bridge is in China. It is over 100 miles long! Aah, you say the tallest building is NOT in China. OK, you got me there, but six of the top ten ARE IN CHINA. The United States only has one building at #7 in the list. To top it off, there are other ways to measure buildings than just height and China does have the most massive building on Earth. Appropriately, it is called the New Century Global Center.

It used to be that the United States was the business center of the world as well. The largest and most profitable companies resided within the United States. It was once said that General Motors drove the American economy as in “How goes GM, so goes the stock market.” GM used to be the world’s biggest maker of automobiles, but it was surpassed in 2008 by Toyota, ending GM’s 77-year hold on the title.

Now while GM is no longer the largest automaker in the world, it is still one of the largest. GM sells most of its vehicles in China. In fact, China is the largest auto market in the 21st century. Beijing alone has more than 3 million cars, and about 1,300 new cars are registered every day.

Well you say America still has the biggest companies. You would be right as we still hold #1. Wal-Mart still tops the list of companies on the revenue front. However, three of the next five in the list are all Chinese. Royal Dutch Shell is the only other non-Chinese company in the top 5! If these statistics don’t give you pause perhaps you should consider this.

China has been on the dark side of the moon for over a year now. What are they up to over there? Will there be a Chinese moon base before the United States even gets in lunar orbit again? The Chinese are building islands on Earth and are potentially about to control the high ground of space. A trade war cannot fix this. Only old-fashioned grit, determination, hard-work and unity can put the United States back in front. However, the aforementioned qualities appear to be in short supply, especially the latter.

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