“red flags”…hmm… that IS an interesting turn of phrase. It raises warning bells to me about intelligence community buzzwords, but notwithstanding I will choose to further engage here, especially since you claim to be sending her money. Though such a contribution doesn’t make sense to me given the rest of what you say about her going to be a sellout with the same outcome as others. I will say that despite my little Obama bashing I recognize he “tried” for Main Street. He succeeded “a little” in bringing relief in the Great Recession after the banks got their bailout. Tulsi may be forced into exactly the compromises you hint at BUT war is war.

War War War War War War War War WAR FOR PROFIT! She might not compromise there and that matters to me. My grandfather fought in the Battle of the Bulge. What he told me and didn’t tell me but was still there in his eyes means I must oppose this Global War on Terror, without objective, without check, without end…no. War is killing people…often children and innocents. War is failure. She might stop the profiteers and that has to matter to me. Stopping the killing of people for politics and oil et al, she might stop that and that might mean less blood on our hands and a tiny bit more money for back home.

Finally, what do you mean by no change can come through the electoral process when you are contributing over $1k a year to the process? I disagree and believe paper ballots and a unified vision for a large majority can make some change happen. There are ideas I feel a large amount of Americans could get behind if they considered it sans partisanship. I wrote it down in a book and ask people to consider it as a whole. With paper ballots and the rest of the libertarian-socialism agenda, change can come through the electoral process.

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