Problem.for long time. Google would not let me advertise in 2004 my site They claimed it was a hate site. I guess you’ll have to use the waybackmachine to determine for yourself, but I assure it was nothing but links and opinions about the current direction of my country. I tried multiple times and multiple ways to advertise but was repeatedly labelled as a hate site without citing exactly what content offended. I eventually gave up in the late spring of 2004, but I was dismayed as other far more strident sites seemed to be OK. Do no evil , started to mean something to me. By happenstance, I communicated with Danny Sullivan the original SEO guru in response to an article where he was touting advertising with Google. I mentioned my issue and he generously offered to follow up with his connections there. A week before the 2004 election i was OK’d, too late for it to matter but confirmation that i was not operating a hate site. I know this is all anecdotal, but it’s also 100% true. In 2004, nothing I did to rework my site opposing Bush got me by Google’s power to just say no. It was weird and frustrating AND enlightening. It’s 14 years later and Google even more powerful.

Look Sancho there is a windmill over there!

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