1. Please explain how the Electoral College makes computerized voting less auditable.

The Electoral College makes computerized voting MORE auditable, because there are discreet precincts. Each needs to be gamed to win. Each precinct has its OWN count and therefore is more auditable. The Electoral College is telling us the system is being gamed…partially through the winner-take-all system, but also by swinging gerrymandered districts and out and out vote flipping. In a broad popular vote where all votes are thrown into the computer and numbers get spit out there is a nationwide precinct and it becomes much harder to audit.

2. Please explain the true reason why you support the continuation of the Electoral College.

I am not sure how to answer this. I tried to write something explaining why the duopoly wants the Electoral College eliminated and why we should resist. The most basic reason is I am tired of seeing the system gamed. End winner take all districts and allow voters a QR code or something of that nature so the system can be self-audited by voters. If a voter sees their district go a direction that they suspect is incorrect, it takes a lot less people to get together to see that the system was gamed and an invalid election called. One little neighborhood meet-up where everyone counts there own votes with the QR code could expose election gaming. The mere threat of such self-audited precincts discourages fraud. The Electoral College would have solved the 2000 election mess by splitting those Florida electoral votes, BUT the Supreme Court stepped in and prevented this obvious solution. Why? Because even one Electoral College vote from Florida to Gore and he wins. Apparently, Cheney’s hunting buddy could not allow that and refused to recuse himself. The Supreme Court FORCED the winner-take-all system down our throats and Winner-Take-All is the only way to put Bush in the White House in 2000.

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