One of things we learned in public school in 1960s America was how “unfair reparations and burdens” on Germany DROVE it to extremism. It was drilled into us how American refusal to join the League of Nations allowed the crippling reparations of WWI to “punish" the German people. An outcome we could have prevented had America been engaged. This is the true germination of Nazism, no? Had the German people any hope they would not have turned to a violent madman’s siren song of salvation. Will anyone write NOW why these shooters exist HERE? Why are there are so many Nazis in America? Is it not despair and lack of hope? If you claim the shooters are JUST EVIL, driven ONLY by hate and not human, then are you different? Don’t you confirm their narrative…that each side has mutually agreed they are the “other”. 🤔😥☮️

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