Lockdown Protesters Are Not Dumb

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Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

There is quite a lot of vitriol for those protesting lockdowns across the United States. Much of it comes from outside of the country as citizens abroad marvel at what they consider idiocy on the part of Americans. Though some at least appear to understand the terrible choice many Americans are faced with, Health vs Wealth. I can forgive the foreigners because if you have not lived here you do not understand the ruthless nature of capitalism practiced in America. However, those that do live here should understand. Americans making such statements of ridicule toward legitimate protest angers me greatly.

The ridicule rained down upon them is particularly nasty coming from the left. People calling them dumb and racists is cold and insensitive. I admit to deep deep concern when the protesters show up at the capitol with guns as they did in Michigan. It is especially troubling when the President only a week or so before ENCOURAGED such protests while invoking the 2nd Amendment.

This is OUR president “dog-whistling” armed supporters to oppose policy. He is unable to get the outcome he wants through government and politics, so he calls upon his armed supporters to pressure lawmakers. Goodness! What is going to happen in November? I am deeply deeply concerned. The long simmering Cold “Civil” War Part II is hotting up.

I am watching my country tear itself apart. I am listening to a lot of vicious and judgemental rhetoric about those protesting the lockdowns. These people are easy targets, but let me defend them. At least some protesters deserve some measure of defense. The nationwide lockdown has serious economic circumstances for many in the ruthless capitalism practiced in America.

The lockdown to flatten the curve does seem like a reasonable policy. However, in the United States a reasonable policy becomes unreasonable due to the lack of a social safety net and rampant corruption in government. The president fired the oversight inspector general. The stimulus fund was empty within days. Everyone just shrugs their shoulders though and no one mentions the lack of oversight. Corruption in American government has never been worse. In California, most will not see a stimulus check. Those go to red state voters or maybe purple,but most blue state voters shouldn’t expect them.

These are realities for Americans. I am shocked by the lack of empathy among those “sheltering in place” and living their delivery life styles. They make such harsh judgements while they sit in their cushy quarantines condemning those with much less to fall back on. There are people protesting who NEED to work. Without an income in America, death or at least serious danger and distress will follow. In a country without a social safety net poverty can be a death sentence.

Ergo, many of the protesters are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If one has no job, illness, despair and death can follow. Many protesters have determined they need to get out and protest. They NEED to expose their immune system to the virus. In an economy without a safety net, they understand they are their own safety net.

No gainful employment in America can be a death sentence. Covid-19 is not such a sure thing. Many have decided it is best to test one’s immune system. This is the way to figure out what cards one got dealt in America’s economic poker game.

While the privileged are sheltering in place and playing Go Fish, or 500 rummy or even Solitaire, remember many of your fellow Americans cannot play these games. Many of your fellow Americans are engaged in a high stakes poker game. A game where they are betting their health and their life. They are betting on an opening country delivering them a “river card” to bridge them to safety.

No! America’s lockdown protesters are not dumb, THEY ARE DESPERATE! If we continue to ridicule them and not have some empathy we only make them recruits for #45’s dog whistle army. A house divided cannot stand. These protesters need jobs, support and empathy not ridicule and vitriol. Otherwise they could be answering the dog whistle to protest with guns an election result in November.

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