Joe Rogan is a Colossal Hypocrite

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Photo by Jukka Aalho on Unsplash

I was not a fan of Fear Factor. It seemed wrong to make people do such unpleasant things for money. Not only that it does not really put Americans in a good light to see us chasing money in that way. Joe Rogan even admits he got the gig because he did not even take it seriously.

In the years since, Rogan has risen to fame as a podcaster. My sons had turned me on to him a few years ago. I have found him interesting and EARNEST. The importance of being earnest and honest cannot be underestimated…IMO. He has given a platform to many an outlier personality.

I do not agree with many of the man’s opinions, BUT I do support the many personae non gratae and taboo subjects he brings onto his show. This is apparently where “journalism” has gone. People who have lots of money and can ward off lawsuits and law enforcement because they have deep pockets. It is why Joe Rogan has been able to explore many illicit substances on his show.

However, one would be foolish if one were to surmise being in California did not HELP Joe achieve his success and explore these taboo subjects. He has been an extremely vocal proponent of cannabis. Of course, cannabis is legal in California so there is no problem. Yes that WAS true.

Now Joe has made a BIG DEAL about moving to Texas, because he thinks California sucks. He thinks Texas is better. It certainly is if you have money and are willing to talk trash on California. It seems Texas law enforcement is just as hypocritical as Joe Rogan. Texas law enforcement has no problem breaking down the doors of hapless dope smokers. They have been doing it for decades. However, Joe seems to be able to smoke cannabis IN Texas with NO CONSEQUENCES.

How can this be? Are not Texas law enforcement sworn to uphold Texas law? A state where more than half of the prison population is made up of non-violent drug offenders. Texas is really pretty hard core about incarcerating drug offenders. Texas law enforcement KNOW exactly where Joe Rogan is, yet they do not break down his door.

Is it because he picked the “sanctuary city" of Austin? Most likely that is why he chose Austin as the city council has given the police department a directive to make pot enforcement a low priority. They didn’t make it legal as in NO priority, just LOW priority. That means if Joe pisses anyone off in law enforcement, they can still bust down his door any time they want. The truth is Joe REALLY can’t be Joe in Texas. He cannot completely throw caution to the wind can he? Can Joe be Joe and thumb his nose at authorities in Texas?

I have a Fear Factor challenge for Mr. Rogan. Why don’t you start stumping for legalization in your new state. Better yet, use your podcasting reach and power to free many of the cannabis offenders rotting in Texas jail. I dare you to do so Mr. Rogan. Show your fans and America what a GREAT state Texas REALLY is. Otherwise you can wear the big H on your forehead! Such hypocrisy! I am deeply disappointed in someone I thought was intellectually consistent and earnest. I guess I was wrong.

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