It is not fear mongering. Something is clearly up. In every election inthe 21st century there have been strange happenings. The popular vote does not work in those areas where the system is gamed for the end result. If you trun the entire country into one district it becomes unauditable. I have been coding for over 30 years as a programmer, software engineer software developer etc. There is no excuse for these voting machines to be so buggy and unauditable. I will not give up on the Electoral College until paper ballots and inked fingers are mandated otherwise we need auditable district. For example, in the presidential election of 2004, the discrepancies in exit polling to computer tallies were enormous. In New Mexico, which was decided by six thousand votes in the 2004 election, malfunctioning machines mysteriously failed to register properly a presidential vote on more than twenty thousand ballots. This could become the whole nation. With paper we could look at those 20000 votes without a presidential choice, but digitally, you just get a shrug and no answers. Common Dreams, the news and opinion website outlines some of the discrepancies in the 2004 election as follows:

The evidence is especially strong in Ohio. In January, a team of mathematicians from the National Election Data Archive, a nonpartisan watchdog group, compared the state’s exit polls against the certified vote count in each of the forty-nine precincts polled by Edison/Mitofsky. In twenty- two of those precincts — — nearly half of those polled — — they discovered results that differed widely from the official tally. Once again — — against all odds — — the widespread discrepancies were stacked massively in Bush’s favor: In only two of the suspect twenty- two precincts did the disparity benefit Kerry. The wildest discrepancy came from the precinct Mitofsky numbered ‘’27,’’ in order to protect the anonymity of those surveyed. According to the exit poll, Kerry should have received sixty- seven percent of the vote in this precinct. Yet the certified tally gave him only thirty- eight percent. The statistical odds against such a variance are just shy of one in 3 billion. Such results, according to the archive, provide ‘virtually irrefutable evidence of vote miscount.

I think the EC districts are currently too big along with the winner-take-all abomination, but that is because the House of Representatives has been frozen for a century.

When in doubt I am inclined to return to the original designers of the nation for the answers and the fix.

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