If one chooses a partner poorly, but doesn’t realize that until others are part of the partnership. Or the other founding partner changes significantly, then the later partners will suffer if the original partnership dissolves. It becomes a matter of weighing the damage,if one continues the war or dissolves the partnership. If that calculation is done honestly and one cares about the other partners and feels they shouldn’t bear the burden of one’s bad choice. If one determines that one should bear the burden of one’s bad choices, well..then one must “lay down arms” . One must essentially give up. Give up on the “idyllic dream”. It’s counter intuitive and impossible for some to give up. To give up on the dream, but …I did, because too many would bear the burden of my bad choice were I to selfishly pursue only MY happiness, so…I write✌️❤️

Look Sancho there is a windmill over there!

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