I was once a very strong Second Amendment advocate, but the years have eroded it. First there was the fact, it really seems to be the only amendment of the original ten in the Bill of Rights that is still in effect, so I just wanted ONE of the Bill of Rights to still be in effect, but… then there was the incident while commuting on my bicycle where some punks spit upon me. The “red mist” descended and I chased after them. However, fortunately they made a traffic light and all my efforts to catch them were for naught. As I tired and gave up and the “red mist” lifted, I realized, if I had been carrying a gun in my back pack I might very well have shot those punks. We just keep shooting each other with ever more high powered weaponry and it keeps happening. Finally, I lived during the 90s and the assault weapon ban did not change life significantly that I can see in retrospect, so… I think a return to that ban would be a reasonable first step no matter what the “preppers calculus” yields.

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