I was born a few year earlier, but I remember a nation that was at war with itself for sure, but also one that seemed to be “coping” and ascendant. We were on the way to the moon. We seemed to be dealing with the strife in our nation and actually growing as a society. BUT 1968 was the definitive year, when the adults that had been making so much noise started to run for cover. With MLK being shot and then RFK, (right down the street from me practically dying in the arms of the great LA Rams lineman, Rosey Grier), well I saw a marked change. I overheard the adults begin to mutter among themselves about “the government” in ways that only the “hippie pinko rebels” had before. It became clear to many that speaking out in America could be very dangerous. It led many “casual rebels” to rethink their rebellion. The Establishment started to look pretty “safe” compared to the counter culture. I really think it was this shock and fear created by the assassinations of 1968 that suppressed dissent and drove America so far to the right. We who were born into the radical change of the 1960s barely recognize our country fifty years later.

Can you dig it?

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