I understand. My grandfather fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Though I did not join the military and get deployed, I learned a lot from my grandfather and I am duty bound to honor his memory and to oppose these types of deployments. If you oppose a war and you say nothing, then by omission you give your blessing. People are dying!

I ended my apolitical stance from the nineties when the WMD fiasco was foisted upon us in late 2002. I could not say, “Yes, its fine for you to use MY tax dollars in this fashion. And NO…I am not afraid of foreign entities that have no air force or navy. And No, I don’t think you are protecting me.”

I am surprised that there are not more like Tulsi given what I have heard from veterans willing to talk honestly about what they have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, they have been trained to be silent publicly by their comrades and even their fellow citizens. She is refreshing. She reminds me of the veterans of WWII that I met when I was young. That clear-eyed understanding of what it means to “prosecute a war”. You better have a damn good reason, because PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE!

I guess I really need to finish my essay, “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed by the blood of patriots”, but an anti-war stance as adamant as mine has its consequences, so…I tread lightly, especially since my experience is from my grandfather’s WWII deployment and my father’s long deployments in the Navy to the Vietnam theater. I am just a private citizen. I am not allowed to have an opinion about war in this country or so I have been told.

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