I think one of the things that people just do not “grok” is that AI is coded by some person. What they also fail to understand is that our “Law and Order” society actually had quite a bit of freedom in it. This society kept on passing laws, but they were unenforceable, so freedom endured. In the 21st century that is no longer the case. If I get on the freeway today and even more so in the past, very few cars are following the speed limit. However, autonomous cars and “safety features” are being created that mean that this “law breaking” will not continue and there will be more and more criminals. I think that the “rule of law” mentality in America needs to lighten up a little bit and allow for more freedom and less laws so that as we “encode” this stuff we do not create an Orwellian surveillance society…oh wait…did we already do that?

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