I had an epiphany one day while writing code for money. What if I had gotten that dream job would I have had any time for my family or writing or anything else? I realized I would have only done THAT thing. I understood that having a job where you had this passion could actually be a curse. A job you could never leave because, well, you had a passion for it. On the other hand, writing code is just intellectual prostitution for me. As a hired brain, I can decide I want to stop putting my problem solving skills to this corporation or that one and it is pretty easy to just move on. The job is just a means to an end and I am OK with that. I think why we look so hard for a “dream job” nowadays is that corporate America is SO tough and demanding. Having an in demand and employable skill meant I could walk any time I wanted … for the most part, and I have done just that, but the looks on my superiors faces when I would say I did not want to work the weekend EVEN IF THEY WERE PAYING OVERTIME were looks of complete dismay and even hatred that I would not comply with their orders. Confusion was also quite prominent in their reactions, because they are used to people just saying yes. They are also used to people saying all kinds of things about how excited they are about this “corporate thing” or that “corporate thing” that you almost have to brainwash yourself to toe that line and that brainwashing means…I have a PASSION for this, so its OK to work the weekend for free.

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