I guess I’ll clap…a little,but gotta clapback.

Australian privilege is being thousands of miles away from most of the world so you can effectively ignore it.

Australian privilege is condemning American policies against the black and brown while your own nation keeps it’s Aboriginal populace under a racist boot heel.

Australian privilege is bemoaning America’s burgeoning white supremacists while ignoring groups like the True Blue Crew or United Patriots.

Finally, and most importantly…Australian privilege is condemning the American war machine while cooperating with it.

You see perhaps if members of the Five Eyes were not so obsequious, those of us here trying get our damn country to end the madness of a Global War on Terror would have a little more to show for our efforts.

😉not mad. We want same thing,but I am a bit more patriotic than most. Feel stupid really sometimes, but I am pretty darn American and can’t hide it.🇺🇸

☮️ peace

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