I compliment you on your attempt at transparency, but many times in this article you refer to BITCOIN without the suffix of SV or ABC. This leads the reader to believe that you must be referring to BTC Bitcoin and not one of the Bitcoin Cash derivatives. It appears that sometimes you may actually be referring to BTC, but other times it appears you are referring to Bitcoin SV.

This makes the entire article somewhat opaque, unfortunately. It would be helpful if you could go through and specifically call out what version of Bitcoin you are referring to when you use the term “Bitcoin” without further qualification. That would make for a lot more transparent and understandable essay.

Secondarily, I would say that you clearly have a political agenda when you are saying that Adam Smith created Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency need not be purely capitalist. Bitcoin can exist in a socialist universe or complete anarchy just as easily as it can in a regulated capitalist market like say Europe or an authoritarian capitalist market like China or the wildly anarchic free market capitalism that exists in the USA or even a Libertarian-Socialist universe as defined here -> libertarian-socialism.org

The fact is that cryptocurrencies are politically agnostic. They are just tools, like guns or butter, in the geo-political games that we play.

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