I am sorry but I think you are dead wrong here. Much of what #45 has been up to was also executed under the Bush/Cheney years, but with a friendly familiar political face that allowed the partisans to be smug. #45 is an ugly face and a loud mouth,so much of these things get outed in ways they didn’t in the beginning of this century. From that time as well,we get an imperial presidency withDubya’s signing statements acting as an unreviewable unopposable line item veto. How can #45 be imposing these tariffs when the Constitution CLEARLY puts these powers in Congress. Oh it’s that pesky “national security” exception. Nation security is an issue with Canada? How? Where is Congressional pushback? This is the imperial presidency expanded under Bush/Cheney. Not only that this nation is not supposed to be a “The USA Is Not a Dictatorship of Five Robes” @ATrigueiro https://medium.com/@ATrigueiro/the-usa-is-not-a-dictatorship-of-five-robes-e52e77856cbb but moneyed power appears to have made it just that, so in conjunction with the imperial presidency ANYTHING is possible. Clearly the judiciary not acting correctly,see Scooter Libby, so an impeachment means the “tainted” judiciary pushes him out without any aspects of the imperial presidency addressed. The people MUST push him out. Paper ballots please

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