I admit some of the stories in the link were not quite good enough. I should have gone with the link that listed only five CLEAR ones. As you admit the Gulf of Tonkin and other fantasy stories from the American govt, or military/industrial complex or whoever foists these stories upon the people, have caused deep mistrust of the “official” narrative. I am as frustrated as you hearing things about the Flat Earth and convoluted conspiracy theory around the moon landings.

In the case for the moon landings being faked to get one over on the Soviets, is clearly flawed. Somehow Americans fail to understand that the first country that put a human in orbit had telescopes and the like so they could VERIFY what was happening. These deeply flawed “conspiracy theories” are an American phenomenon for the most part. There is still this belief in American Exceptionalism, which has evaporated from what I see. Americans have been lied to for generations and enough of the “alleged conspiracy theories” have come true that the people have lost faith. Also, our education system, especially the higher education system must be DEEPLY flawed when a high-cost prestigious institution like Duke, for example, GRADUATES a student who believes the Earth is flat. Critical thinking is a lost art.

It is why I found chess to be an absolute necessity for my children. It is like life, I can tell you the rules and the values of the pieces, but like life, at any given situation one must decide for one's self. One may have give up the most powerful piece like the Queen as a sacrifice to win. etc etc. It is the ability to parse facts that matters, but in the absence of all the facts, there is inductive reasoning. That is what is happening in the heavily redacted narrative coming from our government. Various versions of inductive reasoned narratives have drifted into the public zeitgeist and given the PROVEN untrustworthy American government and other institutions too many filling in the gaps with their own flawed narratives based upon a partisan view of the world instead of a clear-eyed view of the world. That was why I titled my book Libertarian-Socialism: American Style. The conflict between the two ideas requires thinking instead of partisanship. https://medium.com/libertarian-socialism-american-style

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