Having a high IQ(member of Mensa) makes one believe that decisions can always be made thoughtfully. However, what I found was that I would often get stuck in analysis paralysis in which I simply could not come up with enough data points to make the EXACT right decision. After all, being super smart, does not make one clairvoyant. My life started to go a lot better once I decided that I needed to “feel” my way through a lot of life. Sure collect as much data as you can and get advice, but ultimately you are the decision maker. I decided that once the decision point came I needed to sift through my heart and find what I FELT was the right answer. Have all my decisions been correct…absolutely not, but the feeling part, the hanging my hat on my heart has made it a lot easier to deal with the bad decisions, because I was definitely earnest and TRYING to do the right thing. The foggy nature of inductive reasoning or doing what you FEEL is right in this complicated world is how I was able to move forward.

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