God Is Dog Spelled Backwards Because…

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Laker was an angel who looked like a hound from Hell!

If a loving God was to send down an ambassador would not the form of the dog be useful? A dog is literally an “angel” incarnate. Dogs are so immediately trusted by humans, they are brought into the home without a second thought. There at our feet, the dog can teach us so much about compassion, understanding, love and loyalty.

Perhaps it is why dog is god spelled backward. Somehow we suspect this connection…at least we English-speakers. We all understand if we were as good a person as our dogs think we are, the world would be a much better place. None can deny this truth. Were we to treat other humans the way we treat our dogs, we might indeed be able to create a heaven on Earth.

There is definitely a deeper wave. I try to stay alert to it. I feel it quite strongly. After having lived with a number of dogs over the decades, I now know and understand dogs are spiritual guides. I know this to be true in the same way I know that if I drop this laptop I am typing on, it WILL hit the floor.

My certainty is based upon anecdotal experience but also verifiable human history. Dogs joined forces with us before any other animals did. It is hard to imagine how humans would have made it without this loyal defender of our open camp sites when we were young. If nothing else, they guarded us while we slept.

They guard us to this day. A dog sleeping in your bedroom is better than any gun under your pillow. A dog will give its life to protect you. The dog does not require you to be alert for that defense to occur either. The dog leaps to your defense without a moment’s hesitation.

I am tolerant of childless adults who refer to their dogs as their children. Any one who has parented knows dogs are far more independent, trustworthy and intelligent than the average child. Dogs clearly are more likely to be able to differentiate between right and wrong than a young child. We who have parented know this through SCARY experience. Nonetheless, dogs do teach us how to be loving parents to our future children.

Many families start with the young couple adopting a dog before they dive into the deep end of the pool and have children. Dogs really help us learn how not to be selfish. When they are sick, we come to their aid. We will spend anything at the vet to keep them healthy. We begin to understand how we might be a decent parent as we write those checks. We learn there really is something more important to us than money.

Love, it turns out, IS more important than money. Dogs love unconditionally. Humans need this love more than we like to admit. We do not understand how much we need to be loved. Sometimes we just go forward in life tackling obstacles as they come, driving forward, hardly noticing our needs. To be loved when we are alone is something immeasurably valuable.

The mere presence of dogs heals us! People would not be able to have “fake” service animals had not dogs legitimately broke this ground long ago. A dog can help a blind person or a person with disabilities. Beyond these obvious abilities, their presence seems to be calming and healing. It is why doctors and nurses do not object to “dogs making the rounds”.

Dogs are in tune with our emotions, communicating almost telepathically with us. A recent study showed that dogs were far more expressive facially when among humans than with other animals. It was no surprise to those of us who have had many silent conversations with our dogs using only our eyes.

Dogs receive our love gratefully. Dogs show us also how much we need to GIVE love. This is less understood by us. We actually NEED to give love as much as we need to receive it.

Dogs are truly angelic in their interactions with humans. Dogs forgive us unconditionally. The unconditional nature of their affection for us is apparently boundless.

Dogs teach us about life. The carefree irreverence of living in the moment is what dogs are all about. Dogs are able to break through whatever emotional barriers we have put up. Dogs are alive and force us to be THERE in the moment with them. Moments with dogs are moments which have been lived to their fullest EVEN if it is simply laying on the couch together.

Dogs teach us about death too. Dogs have such short lives. We love them so much. Their passing is a difficult time for us but it teaches us about the power of love. Somehow we find the strength to release them from their service. We release them from their failing bodies BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM.

Yes, without a doubt dogs are angels briefly sent among us to heal us, to protect us and to love us. Most of all though, dogs are here to teach us. If we learn their lessons well, there may be hope for us after all.

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