For me,it was in December 2000, when the election was still in dispute. The Clinton adminstration was keeping the Bush/Cheney people out of White House until the election resolved. I am sitting and watching TV and suddenly there is an alert and all the big networks and news channels show a long fabric draped hallway and flag flanked podium. GW Bush comes striding down the hallway and addresses the nation AS IF HE IS President. I am baffled as there has not been a resolution. Why are all these TV stations deferring to this person?, I ask myself. He ends with “God Bless America” and strides back down the hallway at an undisclosed location. I get a real chill. It feels like a coup, because the expected Gore rebuttal never comes. Why are these powerful TV stations deferring? Why is Gore silent? Shortly after this the Supreme Court installs Bush and my country spins out of control. I had become a bit apolitical by then, but now I start to wake up again. My children are just starting school and I don’t want to stigmatize them with my radical politics. I keep my silence in 2001 on Afghanistan, though I am really shocked by the blood lust gripping my fellow citizens after 9/11, but I hold my tongue. It’s 2002, when the push to invade Iraq starts and I drop my apolitical stance. I am taken back to that chilling moment when NON president Bush is given a national platform, while Al Gore is silent or silenced…I know not which,but the chill I got was real and I will never forget it.

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