First thanks for getting on the street for the man. It is difficult for me to support him right now though I definitely was a supporter in 2016. However, the antics of the DNC were SO undemocratic and IMO directly responsible for putting up the ONLY candidate on God’s Green Earth that could lose to the pu$$ygr@bb3r. Why he is running as a Democrat again is baffling? He cannot get that nomination. It will not happen, because he is NOT a Democrat ergo the party establishment will block him and then try to get his supporters to vote for THEIR candidate. If he gets the nomination I will vote for him, but he won’t so…dunno what I will do. Tulsi who walked out on the DNC and didn’t mind calling #45 “a bitch” has got my attention, but other than making sure she gets into the debates I am kinda on the sidelines because the Democrats BURNED me and seem pretty corrupt.

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