False statements? Jeez, this is my opinion of the current state of the Constitution in America. Since neither of us is a Constitutional scholar, I guess we just have our opinions. In reality only nine people on the planet have the ability to make their opinions become fact when it comes to the Constitution. In fact, a case could be made that it really is only five and we live under a dictatorship of five robes, but I digress.

As far as the accusation of FALSE statements, I find it interesting that you pick sentences that are NOT statements of fact, but for the most part opinions, and then choose to use a tangential point to call it false. In your list you reference sentence #2 where I state that perhaps Mitt can shepherd it through the Senate which you agree with and then call my statement false anyway.

What I think you really disagree with here is whether or not there is a dragnet surveillance program going on within the United States.

#1. Is there a dragnet surveillance program going on in the USA?

Ron Wyden says there is

#2 Nunes hints at this program in his questioning and Maguire deflects?

Will you make me find the transcript excerpt? I listened intently to this exchange, so I know it exists in the Congressional record?

#3 The dragnet surveillance program violates the Constitution as detailed in the Bill of Rights #1 and #4 et al?

And here is where we probably disagree most vehemently, but let’s not go calling each other’s OPINIONS false. OK? I am truly interested in the future of my country and the restoration of our republic. I personally believe this impeachment process CANNOT RESTORE the Republic.

Electronic voting machines have robbed the citizens of the most effective “whip” they have on the government, the power to elect.

Paper ballots are at the top of MY list of things to care about,frankly, NOT impeachment.

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