Exactly true! You even left out the fact that during the halcyon days of the 1990s journalists participated in a REAL witch hunt against a sitting president. When the independent counsel could not find anything in his Whitewater investigations of the Clintons despite having 20 years of tax returns at his disposal(imagine now not being able to even get one from the sitting president), he went on a fishing expedition and reveals the fact the president and his wife had a shitty marriage. Hardly a crime, but the media were getting great ratings so they piled on. Instead of pointing out how fruitless this was. How it was blocking any real business being done in the country, like fixing a deteriorating healthcare situation they piled on with stories of knee pads and interns. They became a carnival of clowns instead of journalists, but now they want us to believe they are serious patriots seeking the truth. BS! It is all about serving the money masters…if you want to live in the liefstyle journalists are accustomed to in this country anyway

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