Ego, arrogance and avarice juiced by nationalism. You see there was still a glory narrative. The best man will win and to the winner the spoils as if it was a soccer match. The sides were far too equally matched and Europe didn’t understand Industrial War the way the USA had learned in the Civil War. The mechanics of the modern battlefield meant the best men became machine gun fodder as ridiculous generals tried to figure out how to win the NEW war. After WWII, the US knew foolish machismo posturing had led to WWI, leading to WWII, hence we must create, participate and honor the United Nations. This forum would prevent it from happening. That is what they taught us school kids back in the first decades after WWII. The fact that you write this earnestly and make the statement “no one can explain WWI” means the narrative propaganda is winning. I must write. I must do the brain dump of what they USED to teach school kids in America! ☮️

Look Sancho there is a windmill over there!

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