But this society does not really accept what you described above, though I agree. I am STILL struggling with the concept of an “anti-depressant” drug. I struggled with chemicals in my youth and one thing that really helped was realizing you were engaged in mood alterations and chemical changes to your own brain. It was not just recreational. You were “mucking” with your mood and your perception. Somehow the “anti-depressant” drug crowd has convinced everyone that their “chemical mood alteration” is better than the ancient ones that have existed for millennia and that they are TREATING a disease. I still recall with horror the first time I got on the “anti-depressant” train. Sure I did not feel “depressed” any longer, but I really did not feel anything. I felt like a zombie without emotion. I just did not feel anything very deeply any more. After a month I just stopped. It made no sense to me that I should turn off all emotions so that I was never depressed again.

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