Baloney!!! WE are not going to Mars. Some billionaires CLAIM they are going to take “fares”, but we still seem to be leaning on Putin for most of our astronaut lifts. Our first black president has spawned racism I thought had been put to bed. We have torch burning free soil marchers in the south again. Just to continue,we squander money on a global war while others spend their money on infrastructure and their own “lift” capabilities. A moon base will be a Chinese mission because we don’t have the money…just like the space station is Russian. Hmm. I walk outside and I see an army of homeless economic refugees in my nation.should I add that we no longer lead in lifespan but we do in prison population? Nope most of my life I have watched my nation stairstep down while soothsayers of American exceptionalism tell us it’s “better”. Not you or anyone else is going to make me shut up about it because it doesn’t have to be this way!

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