I dislike #45, but that dislike predates his presidency by DECADES. I mean he is a rich silver spoon baby who will always look down on the CLASS of people I come from and still am for the most part. On the other hand,I favor #45 finishes out his duly elected term. I think Mike Pence would make a FAR worse president in the long run and I fear an extra-constitutional end to the term of #45, so I definitely am not part of the Dump #45 clique. I want this country to have a free and fair AND AUDITABLE election in 2020, so that we can all know for sure whether the election is rigged or not. I do oppose much of #45’s actions, but I am unsure that I agree that Russian propaganda qualifies as "hacking" forcing #45 to resign on those grounds. We would all be far better served by free, fair, transparent and auditable elections to end this presidency, if that is what the nation wants. If we are to be a representative republic , we must know what the people are truly doing in the voting booth. Given the demonstrable vulnerabilities in computerized voting I strongly favor a return to paper ballots in 2020. In any case, I do have strong political opinions that I believe can steer us away from the abyss and you can listen to them or read them or download the book Libertarian-Socialism: American Style at libertarian-socialism.org

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