Actually I think the fact that she could pull this off has more to how much race AND racism are social constructs. DNA testing is proving more and more about how people LOOK that drives the racial divides. Color of skin really is not that big of a deal genetic science is discovering. Dolezal represents the possibilities of a post racial society where we do not divide ourselves by race and skin color but by the content of their character. In reverse of Dolezal, I took a DNA test and discovered I had Nigerian DNA! Go look at my profile photo. I look VERY Caucasian, BUT I could in fact potentially lead an NAACP branch given the DNA. However, “socially” I am 100% “white”. Should there be genetic testing done on everyone to determine race? What percentage of DNA should I have to qualify me to head a NAACP branch? Perhaps it is time for an organization, whose by its very name, shows itself to be anachronistic, finally move on show us the way to a post-racial society. For example, would it not make sense for the NAACP to announce that they would NOT do genetic testing AND that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has evolved. The NAACP could announce that their new mission has evolved and that they NAACP now represents and advocates for ALL people “colored” by poverty, discrimination and lack of opportunity? Just an idea, but what do I know I don’t LOOK like I have Nigerian DNA, so can I have an opinion? Is it my genes or how I look or my social experience? We are on same side.

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