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Somebody always wants your waterhole

Most Americans accept without question the founding principles of the United States are ones of rugged individualism. Possibly this is the reason taking care of each other has not been as ardently embraced by a similar number of Americans. There is a common, but erroneous suspicion it is socialist to care about each other through collective action in government. That somehow caring for each other violates the principles of rugged individualism.

In truth, America took off as a global superpower once we really started taking care of the less fortunate in our society. The United States has a complex relationship…

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There were many bad things about the pandemic. There has been a lot of human suffering. It has not been all bad though. There are positives to be taken away from this trial the global human community has been experiencing. The United States is being tested as a country and a people. It may be we will look back on this time as when we learned or RELEARNED these valuable lessons and took away these positives to conquer an uncertain future.

The Indisputable Positives of this Pandemic

We started prioritizing people. For the first time, capitalism ground to a halt. When making money collided with the…

Laker was an angel who looked like a hound from Hell!

If a loving God was to send down an ambassador would not the form of the dog be useful? A dog is literally an “angel” incarnate. Dogs are so immediately trusted by humans, they are brought into the home without a second thought. There at our feet, the dog can teach us so much about compassion, understanding, love and loyalty.

Perhaps it is why dog is god spelled backward. Somehow we suspect this connection…at least we English-speakers. We all understand if we were as good a person as our dogs think we are, the world would be a much better…

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Nothing demonstrates the ability of humans to heat up this planet like Bitcoin mining. I actually have a mining rig. It gives off a lot of heat. I use it to heat the room where there is a tropical fish tank. Cryptocurrency mining generates a lot of heat. Proof of work computing requires a lot of number calculations and the components give off heat under this kind of load. This is a fact which cannot be debated.

This is cryptocurrency mining’s whole problem. The heat and energy usage are legitimate criticisms. If we try to compare it with the rest…

Cyprus is a playground for very rich people

In 2013, the sovereign debt crisis in Europe was in full swing with Greece leading the way downward. Bitcoin shot over $1000 and stayed there. It did not take long to figure out why.

The sovereign debt crisis affected another European nation closely tied to Greece, Cyprus. Citizens of Cyprus got a serious haircut. Cypriots woke up one day to discover their bank accounts had been raided by another country’s government. Typically, this would be seen as an act of war, but in this case it was the exact opposite.

It was an act of cooperation between the nation-states and…


In 2011, I started researching digital currencies because my sons had been telling me about video game ecosystems. I started to realize that digital goods could be commodities. I then stumbled onto Bitcoin while researching other digital commodities.

It was going for about one dollar! I started to buy some. I literally had entered everything into a checkout screen but had not clicked the final send for the transaction on my credit card. Right at that moment, the CTO of the company I was working for at the time came up and asked for status on a project. Oops! …

Untch Rock

Paul was grateful the current headquarters for the Bank of Alex Brown was near LAX. It was in the heart of old Los Angeles money, Century City. He told the cab driver not to wait as he pulled his briefcase and suitcase from the back seat.

Paul had no idea how long this was going to take but he knew LA well. As long as one had money, one could get around just fine. He gave the cab driver a generous tip and made a joke about Uber before sending him on his way.

Everything seemed to have an air…

Given my history of writing about dogecoin, it is about time I wrote this warning. I wrote about dogecoin being worth a penny and then I wrote about dogecoin being worth a nickel and then I wrote Is Dogecoin Worth a Dime? in quick succession. A quarter was obviously the next in the series for me. However, #DogeArmy and Elon Musk had other plans. By April 20th, dogecoin had touched 42 cents and seemed headed for a dollar in May while Elon’s SNL appearance loomed.

Dogecoin has declined since and significantly at that, if a person bought at 42 cents…

aliens in a stylized setting
aliens in a stylized setting
Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

In the 21st century, Americans are shielded from the truth about many things according to our government. American citizens cannot have certain knowledge. As such, you are looking into a room through a keyhole. In the room, there is an invisible person, place, or thing. How do you determine what it is? You blow smoke into the room through the keyhole. Eventually you are able to determine where the smoke DOES NOT go.

It is a long long process. However, if you are a citizen of the United States you must accept the fact getting good information about what your…

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