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Somebody always wants your waterhole

Most Americans accept without question the founding principles of the United States are ones of rugged individualism. Possibly this is the reason taking care of each other has not been as ardently embraced by a similar number of Americans. There is a common, but erroneous suspicion it is socialist to care about each other through collective action in government. That somehow caring for each other violates the principles of rugged individualism.

In truth, America took off as a global superpower once we really started taking care of the less fortunate in our society. The United States has a complex relationship…

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

There were many bad things about the pandemic. There has been a lot of human suffering. It has not been all bad though. There are positives to be taken away from this trial the global human community has been experiencing. The United States is being tested as a country and a people. It may be we will look back on this time as when we learned or RELEARNED these valuable lessons and took away these positives to conquer an uncertain future.

The Indisputable Positives of this Pandemic

We started prioritizing people. For the first time, capitalism ground to a halt. When making money collided with the…

Laker was an angel who looked like a hound from Hell!

If a loving God was to send down an ambassador would not the form of the dog be useful? A dog is literally an “angel” incarnate. Dogs are so immediately trusted by humans, they are brought into the home without a second thought. There at our feet, the dog can teach us so much about compassion, understanding, love and loyalty.

Perhaps it is why dog is god spelled backward. Somehow we suspect this connection…at least we English-speakers. We all understand if we were as good a person as our dogs think we are, the world would be a much better…

Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

Unfortunately, as of April 20th, 2021 this plant, a type of hemp, is STILL illegal according to the federal government. People’s lives have been destroyed for growing this plant. People have died for growing hemp. People are serving life sentences for possessing a few scraps of the leaf of hemp. The Drug War is still killing people.

The federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance is a scandal. During the Trump Administration, Jeff Sessions tried to pressure states to roll back legalization. It became more widely known that Sessions home state funded almost all of of its…

Plenty of lane, but I still stay out of the flow of traffic. (speed limit 50mph here)

Taking the lane in traffic is dangerous. I have so much camera footage of close passes and near collisions, I could probably get some people in serious trouble. When it is real tight I want to establish myself somewhere in the right side of the lane. If there is no bike lane I ride where that would be. It is where the drivers expect you. At rush hour riding in the middle is not going to fly and is dangerous.

Still you need to establish some space for yourself sometimes. There can be a pinch point requiring taking of the…

He bet his future on a sport played in a rotating space station

He bet his future on a sport played in a rotating space station

Jackson was fresh off the Virgin Martian Express. He wanted to get down to Earth as soon as possible. He quickly made his way over to another end of the spaceport. He found the SpaceX shuttle was already booked.

“Full?” Jackson asked the clerk.

“Yep, we are full everyday by noon…BOTH ways. The Rollerball Championships are this week,” responded the ticket agent

“Wow a thousand one way,” Jackson whispered under his breath as he checked his hardware wallet for digits.

“Rollerball Championship, don’t ya know?” …

What I learned upon adopting a pit bull cross was WHY they are favored as fighting dogs. They are super intelligent. The thing that intelligence brings as much as understanding is a greater quality to fear. You understand enough to be REALLY afraid. When you are afraid you fight harder. It was a terrible insight.

She is perhaps the most intelligent dog I have ever had. She is the first dog I have ever had who recognized and sometimes watches an airplane fly by. Her intellect can make her more fearful too. …

Leo and Jerry

Jerome Powell’s statements have become increasingly irrelevant. We can all see what is going on. There is only one path for the Federal Reserve at this point. That path is to suppress interest rates for as long as they can. For years now the Federal Reserve has been underreporting inflation.

The Federal Reserve really does not have a lot of wiggle room on interest rates any longer. As long as the big debtors can keep the price of servicing their debt low, then all is well. This is why interest rates have never gotten back to pre-Great Recession levels.


Can you name them just from their photos? You should be able to and here is why

Can you name them by just their faces? You should be able to given their accomplishments.

If you read about the Roaring Twenties, there is so much excitement about the technological leaps of the 20th century. There are so much optimism and forward-looking energy. Every single American is looking to a future of great promise. The nineteenth century was in everyone’s rearview mirror. The horse and buggy era was long gone. There was nothing to be learned from that time when we were driving cars and flying in airplanes.

I detect this in the zeitgeist of today. There is this belief in technology. A strong belief it can solve ALL our problems if it is just…


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