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Somebody always wants your waterhole

Most Americans accept without question the founding principles of the United States are ones of rugged individualism. Possibly this is the reason taking care of each other has not been as ardently embraced by a similar number of Americans. There is a common, but erroneous suspicion it is socialist to care about each other through collective action in government. That somehow caring for each other violates the principles of rugged individualism.

In truth, America took off as a global superpower once we really started taking care of the less fortunate in our society. The United States has a complex relationship…

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There were many bad things about the pandemic. There has been a lot of human suffering. It has not been all bad though. There are positives to be taken away from this trial the global human community has been experiencing. The United States is being tested as a country and a people. It may be we will look back on this time as when we learned or RELEARNED these valuable lessons and took away these positives to conquer an uncertain future.

The Indisputable Positives of this Pandemic

We started prioritizing people. For the first time, capitalism ground to a halt. When making money collided with the…

Laker was an angel who looked like a hound from Hell!

If a loving God was to send down an ambassador would not the form of the dog be useful? A dog is literally an “angel” incarnate. Dogs are so immediately trusted by humans, they are brought into the home without a second thought. There at our feet, the dog can teach us so much about compassion, understanding, love and loyalty.

Perhaps it is why dog is god spelled backward. Somehow we suspect this connection…at least we English-speakers. We all understand if we were as good a person as our dogs think we are, the world would be a much better…

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The big push to return to normalcy has begun. This means remote work must end, at least for some leaders and managers. They cannot fathom the business world might not need them. As the business world became more and more complicated, they knew in their hearts the 21st century had left them behind.

The babysitter manager clung to power as we entered the new century. As tech became more and more ubiquitous and doing business became ever more complicated, the babysitter manager seemed a necessity. Leadership was unable to truly grasp what was happening in the trenches. How could they…

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The European Super League seemed like a foregone conclusion. Once announced it seemed to only be a matter of time before FIFA would die. Perhaps that is still the outcome but for now the opposite and surprising turn of events has put the European Super League on the shelf.

As an American, I am well aware of my nation’s capitalist corruptions of most everything we touch. We monetize everything. It is in our basic nature to put dollar signs on everything. …

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Frankly, most of the dogecoin community are probably quite happy with Musk’s involvement, but it is not as unified as you might think.

There is even a petition to get him to divest from dogecoin. I put myself in neither camp, but I do find his involvement kind of a big pain in my @$$. I got into dogecoin for a much different reason than following Elon Musk’s Twitter feed. I got involved for all the reasons I originally listed here in dogecoin’s value proposition.

Note how I make no mention of Elon Musk at all in that essay. I…

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Paul never knew how little control over his day he would have after rising to the position of vice president. He was on the way out for a round of golf with other vice-presidents at Brookings Institute only to be waylaid by a frantic phone call from Sacramento. Brookings appeared to have lost track of ten million dollars.

“The Bank of Alex Brown? Brookings put money in an institution called the Bank of Alex Brown? If we put money in the institution and it is not there, then why are you calling me, Joe? Call legal.” Paul was getting annoyed…

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Let me get one thing off my chest here, Elon Musk is NOT responsible for the cryptocurrency downturn. It is the action of federal governments around the world and very much especially our own Treasury department. Only this week did we learn, the regular people, learn about the IRS regulations coming out soon. This is the true reason for the cryptocurrency bloodbath this week.

Everyone in America is now quite aware of the level of corruption in the halls of power. There is no way any sane person could believe Elon, and other whales did not have advance warning of…

Masked Mitt

With Liz Cheney’s ouster from the the GOP leadership in the House, Trump’s power is indisputable. The Republican party is the party of Trumpism. Mitt Romney a fairly conservative Republican senator from Utah has made himself persona non grata in this new Republican party. He even voted for Trump to be impeached!

There is no longer a place for the RINO, Republican In Name Only, in the GOP. Liz Cheney voted to support Donald Trump 92% of the time while her replacement has a record of only 72% support. Nonetheless, Liz Cheney is out due to her criticism of Donald…


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